Born in Sydney, Australia Samantha Diorio graduated with First Class Honours in both Fashion and Textile Design from the University of Technology, Sydney and an MFA in Fashion Design and Society at Parsons, New York.

Challenging the way we see and consume fashion, Samantha is driven by function with a primary focus on conceptual garment making and textile innovation. Focusing primarily on incorporating inherent ideals around the body, consumption, sentimentality and sustainability, Samantha created a garment system that can be expanded, reversed and dissected into customizable clothing and objects simultaneously through the lens of innovative object and accessory design, melted knitwear and digital print using up-cycled/dead-stock materialities.

As a designer, Samantha believes the true essence of design is about problem solving and aims to create a system of clothing that can live forever, where the idea of ‘re-inventing’ each season no longer exists within the current fashion system. Samantha’s interdisciplinary practice speaks to inherent ideals relating to frugality, self-sufficiency and function, all expressed through an eclectic and meta-modern process of object-making, accessory design, textile innovation and alternative image-making.

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