(1)I am less focused about representation, and more focused on a design terrain that activates the sensibility of time.
(2)I am someone who believes time is a spectrum, like the body - constantly morphing, fluctuating and in a state of ‘becoming’

(3)I am a body in constant flux, a specturm of time, constantly fluctuating beyond the human eye

(4)I intend to imobilize fixed forms, undo hierarchies, question the dominant norm and most importantly, to transform established ways of being, seeing, doing and thinking.
(5)I embody a sustainable economy not driven by conspicuous consumption but by other values based on craftsmanship, emotion, altruism, sustainability, economic equality and ecological responsibility. 
(6)I embody personal value and emotional connectivity - affective relationships between the human, sensorial bodies and material objects.(7)I am constantly morphing, mending, customising things into a new life and form.
(8)I don’t limit myself to garments, but like garments am inanimate and can animate and thus produce effects.
(9)I re-define what it means to engage with the already existing material resources found on earth. The ability of giving a longer life to objects that need connection and human interaction.
(10) I aim to bring an ego-less approach to clothing by bringing aura back into the fashion landscape as a way of liberating the fixed codes found within clothing and create a system of wearing that enables clothing and the body to activate eachother.
(11)I bring forth the experience of play as a form of liberation to clothing that as objects, morph alongside our ever-fluctuating bodies.

I design clothing to not only be worn, but lived.